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The Mother Load

This momedy tells the story of three women at different stages of marriage and motherhood. Former lawyer Sophie is the mother of two young children and a workaholic husband. Much to her chagrin, her pastimes now include fantasizing about Disney princes and the destruction of an evil queen, her tongue-clucking mother-in-law. Sophie’s older sister Emma shares a home with their 70-year-old, pilates-loving father and is single mom to a 12-year-old boy with a deadbeat dad. Sophie’s sister-in-law Bridget is a happily married pediatrician trying to conceive a child of her own through fertility treatment while remaining committed to her patients. Each woman struggles in her own way to balance her role as wife, mother, sister and daughter with her desire for personal fulfillment. ‘The Mother Load’ is a comical tale about the complexities of modern motherhood. Get your copy now from: AmazonIcon

Hostel TakeoverHostel Takeover

Karen Foster has lived a quiet suburban life until the day her husband leaves her. On a whim, Karen and her two best friends, Mixie and Polly, decide to break out of their McMansion comfort zones and backpack their way through Europe like carefree college students. Mixie feels invisible to her workaholic husband and Polly feels unappreciated by her longstanding boyfriend, who refuses to consider marriage in the wake of a nasty divorce. After fifty years, Karen finally reveals herself, not just to her friends, but also to her long-suffering self. She slowly sheds her uptight demeanor and need for control and allows herself to live.   Get your copy now from: AmazonIcon


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